Four leading banks from Canada, Brazil, Australia and the UK – CIBC, Itaú, NAB and NatWest - were welcoming teams from across the globe to use their APIs to deliver ground-breaking prototypes that have the potential to transform banking to help our customers and the public at large.

During this 2-week event, I collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team at GFT to deliver a conceptual prototype that sought to reduce friction within the home-buying process.


Global Open Finance Challenge


Lead Experience Designer




2 Weeks


Innovation is required within the home-buying and selling experience.

The current UK home buying experience is fragmented with little or no digital integration between participants in the value chain.

Much of the process is manual and in many cases paper-based; leading to a frustrating, lengthy and often stressful process for consumers who receive little transparency or status updates.

Conveyancing is an integral part of the buying and selling process. But it is a slow process, with the length of time required and the steps needed to get there often shrouded in mystery, particularly for first-time buyers.

There has been government recognition of the need for increased digitalisation. HM Land Registry (HMLR) recently announced its “new vision for a world-leading digital property market” – its vision for a more efficient, fully digital property market supported by a modern land registration system that will help to reduce pressure on conveyancers and to save them (and the government) time and money on the conveyancing process.

New market entrants are digitising this experience to provide an integrated network for all participants in the home buying value chain; e.g. estate agents, brokers, solicitors and lenders etc.


Transparency and clarity through information centralisation.

Workflow Tracking.

We provide real-time updates as activities in the home buying chain occur, so you know exactly what is happening and if there is anything you need to do to remove any uncertainty right up to the exchange and completion.

My.Move leverages Open Finance to provide full transparency in the E2E home-buying and selling journey.

Centralised documentation.

We can securely share and store documents needed within the process to ensure everything is available when you or others need It to ensure there is no unexpected delay.

Advisor and service network.

We provide access to an integrated network of participants in the home buying chain, such as the estate agent, mortgage advisor, solicitor, surveyor and lender.

The feature acts like a 'Check a Trader' service that allows the user to find rated and trusted professionals.

Automated paperwork completion.

Many lenders have been able to digitise their mortgage process up to the point of the offer in principle. Few are able to provide any exposure to the process beyond their own involvement.

The integration of a faster identity verification service looks to remove the barrier to entry when entering personal information and establishing affordability.

This digital profile is then used to automate registration and identity verification with other parties to speed up the process.

User Journey Example: Onboarding and Mortgage Product Selection.
Wireframe Examples